The Diamond 4Cs and more

At Lucklaw Silver Jewelry we offer you the the greatest silver jewelry you can find anywhere.

For really great jewelry however there has to be a diamond of course!

In our diamond section we want to show you how you go about buying a diamond and what you have to pay attention to!

What are the diamond 4Cs?

Look at the these diamonds:

Rapaport Diamond Price List ExampleCan you see any difference between them?

One obvious difference is apparently the size which comes down to the carat weight.

But do you really know which diamond has a higher value?

Of course, you don’t!

This is what the diamond 4cs are for. These are important diamond grading parameters that basically tell you about the overall quality of a diamond.

The diamond 4Cs consist of the diamond cut, the carat weight, the color and the clarity. These are all issues that we will dive into in a moment.

Without being able to quantify the quality of a diamond like that nobody would know for sure what is the value of a diamond. The diamond 4Cs therefore serve the function of making a diamond shopper feel more at ease.

The diamond Cut

The diamond cut is the most misunderstood of all the diamond 4Cs. At the same time it is also the most important 4C characteristic in a diamond. This is due to the fact that it is the diamond cut that will be responsible for how well a diamond actually sparkles.

Difference in diamond sparkle according to the diamond cutWhen looking at the left diamond you can see that it sparkles in a very flashy way and exhibits lots of  fire. Fire refers to the rainbow colors that you can also see reflected back from a well cut diamond.

The right diamond however hardly exhibits any sparkle which is due to the very poor diamond cut. In fact, this is a deep diamond which has a lot of light leakage. This means that the light that could have been reflected back to you simply gets lost.

The factors that make up the diamond cut are mainly the specific proportions and angles of a diamond. The two most important factors are the crown angle and the pavilion angle. If these two are aligned in a very specific way the diamond will reflect much more light and look much more sparkly and brilliant.

The diamond cut is the one thing that should not be compromised and we recommend to always choose a diamond with the best diamond cut. This means that you should go for the “Excellent” grade if it is a diamond graded by GIA and for “Ideal” if it is an AGS graded diamond.

The diamond color

Another very important factor is the diamond color. The diamond color refers to the body hue that a diamond exhibits.

Of course you would think that normal diamonds don’t have any color but simply look white. This is indeed correct.

However there are many nuances of white and usual diamonds are graded from D-Z. In general it is safe to say that diamonds until J can still look white.

Diamond Color ScaleBeginning from K onwards however you can see that the diamond has a slighly brown hue that gives the diamond a warmer aura.

For some people this might be a benefit but most people prefer to have a clearly white diamond. Therefore, you will have to take a thorough look at the diamond before buying it!

The diamond carat

Diamond carat actually refers to the weight of the diamond and not the size. However, it is only natural that a diamond that weighs more also appears bigger.

It is important to know that one carat equals exactly 0.2gr. Therefore usual diamonds are not heavy at all!

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with carat weight is to be aware that diamond prices increase at certain carat spots. This is the case for instance with diamonds that cross the 1.00 ct threshold or the 1.50ct threshold.

The diamond clarity

Diamond clarity is a very important factor as it refers to how clean the diamond is on the inside.

The clarity refers to how visible the inclusions of a diamond are to the naked eye. Of course, you want to have an eye clean diamond. An eye clean diamond is a diamond in which no inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

You should always try to choose an eye clean diamond because otherwise the inclusion is going to distract massively from the beauty of the diamond.

Here you can see a diamond clarity chart:

Clarity Chart for Diamonds

Our recommendation is to go for a VS2 clarity grade.

If you are willing to do some research SI1 diamonds can also be a great deal!

Which 4C proportions to go for?

In general it is very hard to tell which 4Cs your specific diamond should have!

It is entirely a question of your budget and what you value in a diamond. Furthermore, it is also a question of whether you want to have a diamond with the best price performance or rather a premium diamond with premium features.

In particular with diamonds, paying for premium features can mean paying for features that you cannot make out with your bare eyes.

This is why we are not able to tell you exactly which diamond proportions are the best for you.

But if you want to know more about diamond related issues and receive more diamond education we recommend you to go to the diamond blog of Your Diamond Teacher:

In general it can be said that for buyers who want to get the best value for their money we don’t recommend to go better than a G color. And we also don’t recommend to go better than a VS2 clarity grade!

In our eyes these are premium features that you should not necessarily pay for! Unless of course you want to!

If you have any more questions on any of the diamond 4Cs please get in touch with us!