Plus Size Wedding Jewelry

Looking for plus size wedding jewelry? You’ve found the place. At Lucklaw Silver Jewelryf we offer all of our styles in a wide range of custom sizes from flower girl jewelry to plus size bridal jewelry.

Women we come in a multitude of beautiful shapes and sizes, each one of us unique. The main stream tends to cater to smaller sized women, however for those of us with a more generous shape, plus size fashions are becoming more abundant is style and variety. People can forget that the accessories that set off your ensemble and make it uniquely you need to come in plus sizes too.

No one likes to spend time adjusting and readjusting clothing that is just made to fit a smaller frame. To be comfortable in your own skin, you need to be comfortable in what your skin is wrapped in. The same goes for your jewelry. When you buy jewelry you want to achieve a specific look. The drape of your necklace and the place where it rests on your body is key in creating the desired effect. For example, if you really want a princess style necklace that rests freely at your collarbone, you will be none to happy to find it pulling at your neck like a choker.

At Lucklaw Silver Jewelry you can order jewelry not only perfectly matched to your gown in color and style, but also perfectly matched to your shape and size. For help in finding a great fit in a plus size bracelet, go to our page on Measuring Bracelet Size Help

For help in creating the desired effect in a plus size necklace, please visit our Necklace Size Chart.

Tips on ordering plus size wedding jewelry

  • First, whatever anyone else’s opinion, wear what feels good. When you feel confident in what you are wearing it shows.

  • Very small or delicate jewelry can tend to get “lost” on a larger person. This is not to say that if your taste runs to simpler jewelry that you should wear something too large or flashy for your comfort zone. Try jewelry that is simple but includes a few larger elements. A necklace or earrings that are made up of a few small beads may indeed get “lost” on you, but a similar necklace that uses just a few slightly larger beads may be just the thing.

  • If you have a thicker or shorter neck, in general, a princess or matinee length necklace will be more flattering that a choker that call direct attention to the width of your neck.

  • If you have a tendency toward ample cleavage, you may want a necklace that pulls the focus higher such as a princess or choker. Be sure that if you choose a matinee length or a drop necklace that it falls above, not into, your cleavage.

Whatever you choose, be sure your jewelry makes a statement that says, “Here I am, and I am beautiful.”

If you have any questions please reach us via our contact page.